What is Cursillo?

"The Cursillo Movement is both a movement and a method. The purpose of the movement is to create small groups of Christians that will evangelize their environments with the gospel spirit. The purpose of the method is to help persons live what is fundamental for being a Christian by committing themselves to the spiritual aids the church offers in order to grow in holiness, formation and evangelization". -- "The Pilgrim's Guide"

The cursillo movement includes a weekend retreat from Thursday night through Sunday late afternoon. A weekend for men is followed by a weekend for women. The purpose of the weekend is to help light a fire in the hearts of Catholic men and women who have a desire to chnage their pattern of living.

In addition to the weekend, cursillo members are invited to participate in ultreyas and regular weekly or on-going groupings.


What is an Ultreya?

Ultreya [ul tray ah]: Spanish term meaning persevere. A reunion of groups. Its purpose is to give and receive encouragement for living out one's faith. Mostly, members from Cursillo weekends attend ultreyas. However, all are invited to come and see what Cursillo is about by attending one of the many ultreyas that we have in the South Bay. Most of our ultreyas are within the parish boundaries of St. Rose of Lima and St. Pius X parishes or St. Michael's in Paradise Hills. If you are interested in learning about Cursillo, check below to see if you can attend an ultreya.



 Calendar for 2010

April 19-22, 2007 Men's Cursillo Weekend
April 26-29, 2007 Women's Cursillo Weekend
Oct. 11-14, 2007 Men's Cursillo Weekend
Oct. 18-21, 2007 Women's Cursillo Weekend

FILIPINO CURSILLO (Please note: You do not have to be Filipino to attend)

June 21-24, 2007 Women's Cursillo Weekend
July 5-8, 2007 Men's Cursillo Weekend

SPANISH CURSILLO (Cursillo en Español)

Información: Enrique Aldrete (619) 423-0139 o Ricardo del Rosario (619) 656-1132



How to Sign Up

In order to attend a Catholic Cursillo weekend, registrants must be "practical" Catholics. A practical Catholic is one who is active in their faith by attending Sunday Mass or has a desire to return to active faith.

If you are married, you should me married in the Church. Also, while single men and women (including divorced) are welcome to register, married couples receive some priority if both the husband and wife have a desire to attend the men's and women's weekends.

All attendees must have a sponsor who had attended a Cursillo weekend in the past. Sponsors for the Cursillo will assist in the application process and transportation to and from the Cursillo weekend.

To request more information about Cursillo, contact the parish office at 427-0230 or submit your question here:

Cursillo Request Form
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