Planning a Funeral for a Loved One


Life is very difficult when a loved one passes away. The sadness from the loss can be overwhelming. It can emotionally paralyze us. Thanks be to God, Christ gives us the strength to carry on. If you have lost a loved one, our parish community wants you to know that you are in our prayers and that we want to help you as you make plans for your loved one’s funeral. You are also invited to call the parish office for grief counseling – 427-0230.

The date and time of the funeral must be arranged with the church and the mortuary. It is important for the mortuary to contact the parish office before the date and time are set.

It is also important for the family to request an organist and/or cantor. Although the parish has a list of available musicians, all musicians are paid directly by the family or through the mortuary service. The parish does not handle the payment of musicians for funerals. Please call the parish secretary at 427-0230 in order to make sure that a musician is available.

The Ordinary Form for a Christian Funeral

Ordinarily, a funeral in the Catholic Church will include the following rites. It is important to make these Catholic preferences known when you meet with the mortuary:

Here's a sample funeral vigil & mass. (click here to download)

Exceptions to the Ordinary Form for Christian Funerals

Please call the parish office to plan the readings and other parts of your loved one's funeral.